Undoubtedly, split second decisions are made simply from an outward appearance on the street, in conferences, by looking at images online, split second decisions create subconscious long lasting perceptions.



  • The power of style often focuses on outward appearance.
  • We take a sober look behind the seams to unveil where the true concrete building pillars are that is the engine room of your style.
  • We focus on your personal signature that starts unquestionably with too much disregard from the inside out.
  • We look at the power of personal branding, confronting your fears, daring to care, the secrets of the syrup of life and strategies to cut through the clutter and realize and maximize the strength of your own individual signature.
  • Style is not just what you wear. Style is not just versed. Style cannot cover fears.



  • Polish, Jewish Australian.

  • Holocaust surviving parents.

  • Taught that equality and respect of humanity is essential.

  • We are all citizens of the world

  • You are current and up and coming leaders and entrepreneurs –its important to grasp global perceptives, responsibility, social conscience and productivity combined to create a potent force and wealth generation.

  • All of those combined elements create a potent force.

  • Australia’s celebrated “Makeover and Motivation King”.


  • 1986 

            Completed Bachelor of Law and Arts -University of Sydney

  • 1987-1991 

             Bob Geldof’s Live Aid lived in London for 5 years, and then to New York City for 15 years.

  • 1997-2014 

             Designer and director wedding, formal, after 5 gowns based in Sydney, NYC and Toronto.

  • 1997-2007 

USA: Oprah, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, ESPN makeovers, Fox and Friends- Fox Network, CNN-fn Fashion Predictions reports, Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, The View with Barbara Walters, Today Show America, E Network 101 Starlicious, and Live! On The Red Carpet, E Networks.

  • 2008-2013 

Project Runway Australia, Beauty and The Geek, Australia’s Biggest Loser, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Red Carpet from Hollywood, and Today Show Australia Fashion Editor.

  • 2014 

Expanded fashion label to create an image and branding consultancy based in Melbourne



  • The biggest hidden secret is held amongst seven billion plus citizens of this planet.
  • My life has been built amongst red carpets, commentaries, fashion, glamour, and outside appearances.
  • One of our biggest celebrity weddings was for Shaquille O’Neal’s wife.
  • My sister and I literally put aside celebrity when Jenifer Aniston’s wedding dress more important that Janine Smith’s In Parramatta.
  • My courage, my inspirations, my strengths, my wisdom, my pain, my sorrows, and my gratitude, my fortitude comes from everyday life. I am proud to say on my mobile phone my contacts include trash collectors, house keepers, CEOs, billionaires, social welfare recipients, cancer survivors, children with terminal illnesses, mother of the brides, taxi drivers, hairdressers.
  • We have all come out through the womb of life, and everybody’s story on how they have coped with the highs and the lows, with the challenges and how they have surpassed them and what they have done to be victories and move forwards. However big or small you think your battle is, their battle is giant to them. That is the syrup of life.


  • Bogan Hunters TV show star Shazza –makeover no teeth –cancer –SYRUP OF LIFE
  • Make life count every minute, don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Mother of bride in Ipswich who escaped home at the age of 15 –SYRUP OF LIFE
  • Learn from the mistakes and find what you would not want in your life, in this case, she made love her priority.
  • Barrister friend Kate Trail who defeated the glass ceilings in the field of being a barrister in Sydney to become a pre-merriment barrister.
  • Preconceptions exist only when you recognize them, never give up.
  • 5-year-old girl who has battled and won over cancer from make-a-wish. SYRUP OF LIFE
  • Make decisions decisively without pressure.
  • Year nine leadership training -what I learnt from 14 year olds this week.
  • Always over deliver.



  • We are all our own individual walking talking billboards.
  • The biggest asset you have is being you, and knowing how to massage your strengths into the best and most powerful persona you can be.
  • JUST BE YOU. Author, and wine guru Gary Vaynerchuk is enigmatic, a straight shooter and cut through the clutter, and now has three best selling books, and a fast growing company in VaynerMedia and one million plus followers on twitter. He did this by being transparent and true to himself. 
  • PERSONALISE. Marketing expert Mari Smith talks about the importance of a personal professional interface with your social media, but says it is important to draw a line as it creates bad habits, however it is important to draw a distinction between a personal, professional and private life.
  • The power of branding on a personal level includes everything from being an entrepreneur to working within multi viscid corporations. Identifying your uniqueness and fine-tuning it will take you to a position of cutting edge freshness and point of difference. Identify those things within the system you are working with and be bold at times to go outside the box.
  • Self perception and confidence is about having very defined and mapped out thoughts on you, your place on this planet, the contributions you want to make, plus your position in society, financially and socially.
  • Balance is life, this includes money, relationships, friendships and contributions back to society.
  • Determine the top five essentials on who you want as real friends, networking people, quality of life, the goals of reward, your footprint on this planet.
  • Be driven by the thoughts of many and you will be the sum total of jigsaw pieces, listen to your soul and you will be a formidable mountain.
  • Who are we to question love, when so many don’t question hate. 
  • Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.



Sara Blakely

  • Co-founder of Spanks, multi million dollar empire
  • She is the creator of the miracle with saving millions of centimeters from women world wide, her image conveys strong and sexy
  • Her style is sexy, stylish, flair and fun.

Arianna Huffington

  • Founder of Huffington Post
  • News providing network, she has to convey a sense of conservatism
  • Conservative, tailored style.

Yang Lan

  • Known as the Chinese Oprah
  • Cofounder of Sun Media Group
  • Reflects a powerful, modern day, fine tailored couture look of aver sophistication
  • Conveys confidence with her style.

Gina Rinehart

  • Billionaire
  • Leader of global mining operation based in Australia
  • Conveys the ‘rolls your sleeves up’ manlike image
  • Tough, no nonsense image (you wouldn’t want to mess with Gina!!).

Bill Gates

  • Microsoft guru
  • Optimized the new frontier of technology in a conservative, yet relaxed manner, with no ties, trousers and jackets.

Donald Trump

  • Building magnet
  • Conveys that he is as proud as a peacock and dresses as one.

Sean Combs (P. Diddy)

  • Fashion and music enterprise
  • Uber couture entrepreneur, wearing up to the minute labels and brands including his own.

Magic Johnson

  • America’s most successful basketball player
  • Conveys sport image in a cool, urban sports look.


  • Determine a look and keep building on it
  • Remain consistent
  • Less is more for both sexes
  • Too tight, too short, or too revealing is a don’t
  • Stretch your dollar sensibly by mixing brands for best effect
  • When upgrading your image, consult a stylist
  • Be mindful to whatever you post on social media, it reflects you
  • Try to keep your clothes on at all times, don’t do a Jenifer Lawrence!!
  • Be mindful of creating a definition between business, casual, relax, sport and fun.


  • –classics with a contemporary twist, buy in a city you don’t live in
  •  -disposable polished fashion
  • –don’t judge, shop there and be surprised
  • –men and women classic suits for polished fashion


  • –tailored suits
  • –cool and British
  • –fit classic suit

Men and Women:

  • –classic denim
  • –urban denim
  • H& –disposable casual wear



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