Henry Roth's highly polished professional experience is backed by a Bachelor of Law and Arts from the University of Sydney.

After gaining his Law Degree Henry lived in London for five years where he worked on Bob Geldof’s Live Aid.

A move to New York City, Henry Roth's broadcast career, specialising in branding, commenced in the USA.  He featured on some of the highest rating shows on the planet, including: Oprah,Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, ESPN makeovers, Fox and Friends- Fox Network, CNN-fn Fashion Predictions reports, Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, The View with Barbara Walters, Today Show America, E Network 101 Starlicious, and Live! On The Red Carpet, E Networks.

Returning to Australia, Henry's ongoing broadcasting career included appearing as Mentor on award-winning Project Runway Australia; Makeover Director for Beauty and The Geek; Makeover Director on Australia’s Biggest Loser, and Style Contributor for Today Show Australia and Studio 10. From these experiences, he became known as Australia's 'Makeover King'.

Roth credits his ambition, drive, determination and spirit to his incredible parents Aneta and Joseph Weinreich, survivors of the Holocaust who immigrated to Australia to create a better life for their family. Their strength, support and encouragement are the foundations of the ethics that are the corner stone of seminars, conferences, and presentations. 


Henry Roth Biography Highlights

United States of America 
    •    2003 - 2004 Style Network Style Court as “Judge Henry Roth”

    •    2008 - 2010 Foxtel Project Runway Original Mentor Season 1 and 2
    •    2010, 2011, 2012 Network 7 Beauty & the Geek Makeover Director
    •    2012 Channel 9 Today Show Australia Fashion Editor
    •    2013 Channel 9 Today Show-­‐ Live From NYC
    •    2014 Channel 10 Australia’s Biggest Loser Makeover Double Ep
    •    2013 - 2014 Today Show Australia Live at the Oscars from LA
    •    2014 Weekend Today Fashion Regular

Henry Roth Presents Showreel


USA Feature Appearances

    •    Good Morning America with Charlie Gibson/Fashion/Oscars
    •    USA Fashion Police with Joan Rivers / E Networks
    •    CNN - fashion/ bridal trends
    •    Today Show - USA/ bridal trends
    •    The Insider Hollywood/ bridal market trends
    •    Martha Stewart / trends/ shapes
    •     “Say Yes to the Dress” based at Kleinfeld/Lifetime Network
    •    Entertainment Tonight / bridal runway style
    •    E! News Daily / trends
    •    Access Hollywood / celebrity fashion
    •    The View with Barbara Walters/ “Gold at the Bottom of your closet”
    •    The Other Half with Danny Bonaduce / fashion guest

Australian Feature Appearance
    •    60 minutes feature / Rags to Riches
    •    Channel 7/ Today-­‐Tonight / Coles fashion/ The Melbourne Cup
    •    Channel 10, 9 and 7 / Various “go to” Fashion Commentary
    •    Channel 10 Featured guest / Talkin’ about Your Generation
    •    The Morning Show / Larry Edmur and Kylie Gilles featured guest
    •    Who Magazine, Instyle, OK Magazine/ featured commentary Degrees/ Positions

University Qualifications
    •    1986 Bachelor of Art’s Bachelor of Law graduate Sydney University. BA LLB

Marketing and Advertising Scholarship
    •    1985 AAFI Australia’s Advertising Scholarship Clemenger/BBDO

Employment History
    •    1987 Communications Director at Michael Edgley company /GPS Sydney and La

Rochelle France
    •    1988 - 1990 Harvey Goldstein Entertainment/ Live Aid Event Management  London

United Kingdom
    •    1991 - 1997  Henry Roth Australia Entrepreneurial Business Director of Retail and design Operations for Family Business Henry Roth Sydney
    •    1998 - 2007 Henry Roth USA design and Marketing Director Henry Roth – North

America - Based NYC
    •    2008 - 2010 Foxtel Contracted to Project Runway based in Melbourne and Sydney
    •    2011 - 2013 Henry Roth USA Design and Marketing Director Henry Roth – North

America - Based NYC
    •    2013 Henry Roth Outlet Sydney
    •    2014 Henry Roth Presents Launching July 2014 Melbourne