Social Enterprise is an exciting evolution where business and community organisations work together for a purpose.

Consumers want more from the goods or services they purchase. They also want their contributions to add to the welfare of their community.

The fine details of the infrastructure of social enterprise organisations can make a difference between consumer involvement or disinterest. 

Henry Roth has the expertise to analyse the strengths of a social enterprise proposition. He then highlights branding strengths and combines business with community benefit. Ultimately resulting in strong consumer participation and purchase.

Through his involvement with NCOS, which is the NSW Council of Social Services, his experience has broadened.  His skills assist companies in growing profit and delivering community benefit as promised.

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(DELETE MODULES) After 25 years of experience in broadcasting, motivational speaking, mentoring, makeovers and personal branding I apply a unique emotional perspective to your individual needs.

This is more than a surface makeover.

This is much more than life coaching.

This is not a template responses that fit in to your personality.

This is an emotional litmus test of your perceptions, how you feel about yourself, confidence, fears and blocks. Henry pin points critical areas and together you work on championing who you are as an individual. Ultimately your strength is your individually and together we scrape back layers of inhibitions and protective reactions to discover again the real you.


Work through a series of sessions to determine your perception of self. Determine how you think you come across to your friends, business acquaintances,  private and public. Pinpoint the blocks that you have that may go back years and systematically reconstitute your confidence to maximise the best you can be.


Work directly with the man that takes the passion in fashion to the next level. Learn the secret to upgrading your wardrobe without spending endless dollars. Shop you own closet; be briefed on the wave of trend accessories. The ultimate result is gaining a more comprehensive and stronger style signature to maximise your impact personally and business wise.


Let Henry Roth provide a frank assessment of your structural outward appearance after confidential discussions on your own personal feelings on how you think you appear and those areas you belief need a (helping hand) from hair, Botox, cosmetic dentistry and innovative Ultherapy to help rejuvenate your lower facial area. Henry Roth will direct and connect you with consultants that he has personal experience with and will accompany you to your first consultations to ensure the correct procedures are adhered to.


This is more than blocks, these are issues such as panic attacks, becoming short of breath, profuse perspiration that is brought upon when confronted with public speaking to something physical like fear of spiders etc.…We get to the psychosomatic reason behind your reaction and at the least minimise the psychical fear and blocks that you experience as your reality.


If you are fearful of speaking in public, if you need to make presentations and feel lack luster,  if you feel under confident not worthy and less capable in relation to your competition and if you get hyper nervous short of breath and your heart beat races to unforeseeable levels Henry Roth will help. A series of sessions will pinpoint at the center why you react the way that you do and through past events understand your current reality to create a far more dynamic you in public speaking.